Cotton The Fabric of Summer


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This year has been the hottest year on record in the United States according to a recent Huffington Post article. What is a fashionisto to do, to stay comfortable and trendy in these high temperatures?  One must choose the right clothing … Continue reading

Fashion For A Rainy Day


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This past weekend I drove into the heart of Philadelphia to join a friend at the Kimmel Center for the performing arts to see Philadancoin their last show of the season.  The best part of my day (next to seeing … Continue reading

“You’re So Trendy”


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What is a Trend?  The answer is rather simple.  It’s a general direction in which something is developing or changing.  The something I am referring to is fashion.  In fashion we can look for these changes twice a year during … Continue reading

Scarf Style


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Now that we have discussed our “Outerwear Obsession” we can now discuss one accessory that will add a little pop to your outfit this winter, the scarf. We see this item typically on men and women around the winter. Traditionally … Continue reading

Break It Up

Vivienne Westwood Three Piece Suit's

One of the best ways to add new style to a wardrobe is to use clothing you already own.  One item you can get a lot of looks from is the suit. We see the suit worn everyday in corporate America from executives wearing a Brooks Brother’s suit to young interns dressing for success. The three piece suit is the best example of how a man can look his best because you can break the suit down, and use different parts of that suit to create a new look.

Celebrities in Three Piece Suits

Taking the vest and combining with jeans creates a chic look that can go from day to night.

Pharrell Williams creates a chic look wearing a vest paired with jeans.

You can take the pants and add a basic t-shirt or add a merino wool sweater with a collared shirt. With the jacket, you can pair it with jeans and mix up your look with a t-shirt, polo, or a collared shirt.

Kanye West looking stylish in a Cream Tuxedo Jacket and Jeans.

As you can see, there’s a whole world of style to explore when it comes mixing and matching the different elements of a suit.  And the more suits you have, the more options you have to create and updated  chic look for yourself.

In The Trenches for Fall

Burberry: Retail $3,950,00

What do Clark Kent (Super Man), Humphrey Bogart, and Inspector Gadget all have in common? If you guessed a trench coat you are absolutely correct. These famous men all wore the classic trench coat.

Humphrey Bogart







The history of the trench coat is a topic debated over time, but the commonly accepted story in the creation of the trench starts with Thomas Burberry who designed these multi-functional light jackets for the British military during world war one.  The coat was dubbed a “trench coat” by the soldiers who named it after the ditches they dug to protect themselves from enemy fire.

Banana Republic: Retail $225.00

Today you can find these practical coats many places at various price ranges.  These coats can be found anywhere from the local thrift stores to higher-end retailers.  The best thing about these coats is that today’s designers are putting their own spin on the classic coat.  This coat is perfect for fall because it is light enough for those cool fall evenings, plus it adds a touch of class to any outfit.

Gap: Retail $118.00

Burberry: Retail $3,550,00

Man Bags: 101

Louis Vuitton: Retail $7,800.00

One of the most functional but stylish items a man can own is a man bag.  The man bag has been the topic of many debates, but guess what people? Debate over. It’s a trend that is here to stay.  Who carries such a thing you might wonder? The gentleman that carries this bag is an upcoming professional who doesn’t want to ruin his look with keys or a wallet stretching his pockets. This bag serves dual purposes.

  •  It’s an easy way to ensure all those small items that get lost or misplaced are in one  location.

    Kenneth Cole: Retail $258.00

  •  It can also be useful for carrying larger items like a planner or an i-Pad.  You don’t have to remember as much because it’s all in one place.
  • Today’s man is just as busy as his female counterpart and he needs to stay organized.

Man bags range in various prices from $20 to well over $1000, the key is to get a well made bag that will last a long time. Typically these well made bags are made of canvas or leather. Look for a bag with subtle detailing. Here are a few examples of stylish, must-have man bags:

Louis Vuitton: Retail $2,100.00

Fossil: Retail $298.00

Kenneth Cole: Retail $198.00

Kenneth Cole: Retail $198.00

The Right Graphic Tee

Sorry to say it, but you can’t just take any graphic tee off of a rack and think it’s going to work.  The two main functions of the graphic tee are to make a bold statement the reflects your personality and compliment your outfit.

Retail H&M - $12.95

The “OMG” and “Reality Show” tees definitely stand out, and you better have the personality to match.  Let’s not stop there.  There’s still an element missing…

Retail H&M - $12.95

Just jeans with this?  Not quite.  A layer over top (blazer, vest, or cardigan) is the way to go if you want to class-up what could easily be considered class-less.

There are other graphic tees that don’t necessarily make as bold a statement, but still deserve the TLC of great colors and corresponding pieces to go with them.

Retail - Fossil - $28.00

A tee like this is great not for a statement, but for contrast purposes. The key would be accessorizing. The colors are present enough if you want to just wear it with jeans, but maybe add some sneakers or a hat with the right color to complete the look.