The Webster at Target

During the past weekend while shopping, I decided to stop by Target to see what they had to offer.

Target is always a stop I try to make for I fear I might miss a fashionable item they are currently offering for sale.  This was almost the case. While walking the back aisle of my local Target I noticed a display with a white shirt with horizontal black stripes, and another shirt with a very tropical looking print. Then I noticed the sign above the display that read “The Webster at Target”.

To think I almost missed this line. I already have purchased the horizontal black striped shirt. It’s also my intention to purchase the white pants and navy blue blazer. For me these are the two most important must-have pieces for men in this collection. The genius of these items is that you can wear them all together or you can split them up to create completely different looks. There are items in my closet with which I am already planning to pair the navy blue blazer.


The Webster was founded in 2007 by Laure Heriard Dubreuil who is CEO and Milan Vukmirovic who serves as Creative Director.

The collection the pair designed with target consists of approximately 211 pieces. This will allow shoppers at 1,800 Target stores across America to bring the chic fashions of Miami to many cities across America. That will definitely be the case for me here in Philadelphia.

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