Man Bags: 101

Louis Vuitton: Retail $7,800.00

One of the most functional but stylish items a man can own is a man bag.  The man bag has been the topic of many debates, but guess what people? Debate over. It’s a trend that is here to stay.  Who carries such a thing you might wonder? The gentleman that carries this bag is an upcoming professional who doesn’t want to ruin his look with keys or a wallet stretching his pockets. This bag serves dual purposes.

  •  It’s an easy way to ensure all those small items that get lost or misplaced are in one  location.

    Kenneth Cole: Retail $258.00

  •  It can also be useful for carrying larger items like a planner or an i-Pad.  You don’t have to remember as much because it’s all in one place.
  • Today’s man is just as busy as his female counterpart and he needs to stay organized.

Man bags range in various prices from $20 to well over $1000, the key is to get a well made bag that will last a long time. Typically these well made bags are made of canvas or leather. Look for a bag with subtle detailing. Here are a few examples of stylish, must-have man bags:

Louis Vuitton: Retail $2,100.00

Fossil: Retail $298.00

Kenneth Cole: Retail $198.00

Kenneth Cole: Retail $198.00

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