Fashion’s Night Out

Men's Fashion's Night Out Tee, Retail: $25.00

For the third year in a row, Vogue magazine has coordinated Fashion’s Night Out, which will be held September 8th 2011. It’s an event designed to make fashion more inclusive of the public. Fashion’s Night Out puts you, designers, fashion, and celebrities all in the same location.   Fashion’s Night Out main events occur in New York, but each year since its debut additional cities have joined the festivities.  If you’re not content at watching it on television you can participate in local Fashion’s Night Out events. In the Philadelphia area there will be a number of events. True Religion Brand Jeans located at 1604 Walnut Street, Philadelphia Pa 19103 will be hosting an event, and if you’re looking for a larger consolidation of  Fashion’s Night Out events, you should be at the King Of Prussia mall where well over two dozen stores will be hosting events with food and music provided by local DJ’s. For other Fashion’s Night Out events click here:

Fashion’s Night Out is a global initiative, sponsored by Vogue and the CFDA.  Its debut occurred in September 2009 in New York City. The event’s overwhelming popularity led to a 2nd year where it went global with events held in cities in The Unites States as well as other countries. This year’s event will help kick start Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week which runs this year from September 8th thru the 15th.


Fashion Night Out:

King of Prussia FNO:

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Break It Up

Vivienne Westwood Three Piece Suit's

One of the best ways to add new style to a wardrobe is to use clothing you already own.  One item you can get a lot of looks from is the suit. We see the suit worn everyday in corporate America from executives wearing a Brooks Brother’s suit to young interns dressing for success. The three piece suit is the best example of how a man can look his best because you can break the suit down, and use different parts of that suit to create a new look.

Celebrities in Three Piece Suits

Taking the vest and combining with jeans creates a chic look that can go from day to night.

Pharrell Williams creates a chic look wearing a vest paired with jeans.

You can take the pants and add a basic t-shirt or add a merino wool sweater with a collared shirt. With the jacket, you can pair it with jeans and mix up your look with a t-shirt, polo, or a collared shirt.

Kanye West looking stylish in a Cream Tuxedo Jacket and Jeans.

As you can see, there’s a whole world of style to explore when it comes mixing and matching the different elements of a suit.  And the more suits you have, the more options you have to create and updated  chic look for yourself.

In The Trenches for Fall

Burberry: Retail $3,950,00

What do Clark Kent (Super Man), Humphrey Bogart, and Inspector Gadget all have in common? If you guessed a trench coat you are absolutely correct. These famous men all wore the classic trench coat.

Humphrey Bogart







The history of the trench coat is a topic debated over time, but the commonly accepted story in the creation of the trench starts with Thomas Burberry who designed these multi-functional light jackets for the British military during world war one.  The coat was dubbed a “trench coat” by the soldiers who named it after the ditches they dug to protect themselves from enemy fire.

Banana Republic: Retail $225.00

Today you can find these practical coats many places at various price ranges.  These coats can be found anywhere from the local thrift stores to higher-end retailers.  The best thing about these coats is that today’s designers are putting their own spin on the classic coat.  This coat is perfect for fall because it is light enough for those cool fall evenings, plus it adds a touch of class to any outfit.

Gap: Retail $118.00

Burberry: Retail $3,550,00