In The Trenches for Fall

Burberry: Retail $3,950,00

What do Clark Kent (Super Man), Humphrey Bogart, and Inspector Gadget all have in common? If you guessed a trench coat you are absolutely correct. These famous men all wore the classic trench coat.

Humphrey Bogart







The history of the trench coat is a topic debated over time, but the commonly accepted story in the creation of the trench starts with Thomas Burberry who designed these multi-functional light jackets for the British military during world war one.  The coat was dubbed a “trench coat” by the soldiers who named it after the ditches they dug to protect themselves from enemy fire.

Banana Republic: Retail $225.00

Today you can find these practical coats many places at various price ranges.  These coats can be found anywhere from the local thrift stores to higher-end retailers.  The best thing about these coats is that today’s designers are putting their own spin on the classic coat.  This coat is perfect for fall because it is light enough for those cool fall evenings, plus it adds a touch of class to any outfit.

Gap: Retail $118.00

Burberry: Retail $3,550,00

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