Break It Up

Vivienne Westwood Three Piece Suit's

One of the best ways to add new style to a wardrobe is to use clothing you already own.  One item you can get a lot of looks from is the suit. We see the suit worn everyday in corporate America from executives wearing a Brooks Brother’s suit to young interns dressing for success. The three piece suit is the best example of how a man can look his best because you can break the suit down, and use different parts of that suit to create a new look.

Celebrities in Three Piece Suits

Taking the vest and combining with jeans creates a chic look that can go from day to night.

Pharrell Williams creates a chic look wearing a vest paired with jeans.

You can take the pants and add a basic t-shirt or add a merino wool sweater with a collared shirt. With the jacket, you can pair it with jeans and mix up your look with a t-shirt, polo, or a collared shirt.

Kanye West looking stylish in a Cream Tuxedo Jacket and Jeans.

As you can see, there’s a whole world of style to explore when it comes mixing and matching the different elements of a suit.  And the more suits you have, the more options you have to create and updated  chic look for yourself.