Scarf Style

Now that we have discussed our “Outerwear Obsession” we can now discuss one accessory that will add a little pop to your outfit this winter, the scarf. We see this item typically on men and women around the winter. Traditionally the scarf was worn to keep cold air from entering the top of a coat and to provide protection to the neck from the cold climate of winter, but todays modern man does not limit his sense of style to the elements.

Scarves are an accessory that can now be worn all year long due to the variety of styles that are now offered to men. You can add a scarf to a simple t-shirt vest combo, and in the winter wearing a scarf with a wool coat is expected. Typically when I shop, I am shopping for very specific items. I normally check some of my favorite stores to see what kinds of scarves they are offering during the year. I always have great success with lower price shopping locations such as Target and H&M. These stores carry a great variety of colors and styles.  Higher end stores also have some great products. You can’t go wrong with a Louis Vuitton.

The only other thing you should consider when you are scarf shopping is material. There are so many natural and man-made materials out there. My advice would be to spend good money on items you want to keep for a long time. Think of the price as an investment. You most likely will have better luck with natural materials like cotton, wool, and silk. If your just looking for something to add a little flare, there is nothing wrong with a synthetic.

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