Fashion For A Rainy Day

This past weekend I drove into the heart of Philadelphia to join a friend at the Kimmel Center for the performing arts to see Philadancoin their last show of the season.  The best part of my day (next to seeing the show) was watching what type of fashions I would see as I walked along south Broad Street.

Credit: Photo by G. Widman for GPTMC

Sunday was the perfect day to break out your trench coats, cardigan sweaters, and hunter boots. The key to dressing during these random cold spells in the spring is to dress in layers and I did just that.

The Express coat is designed to protect you from the elements; it’s made from a light material, but offers structure.

The cardigan is for warmth and style. It adds character to your look. This comes in a range of color and style options in Target under $25.

The stretch t-shirt is versatile, it can be worn day and night and in a variety of colors. These shirts retail at H&M for $9.99

The black skinny jeans by Levi are also a great item most men should have in their collection. These jeans can be worn in a causal style during the day, and then be styled to create a chic evening look. They retail for $50

I love the Idea of the hunter boot. These boots are perfect and they can be worn in all seasons, but I only recommend you wear them when the weather calls for it or else you will end up looking strange. These can be purchased at any high-end retailer for a reasonable $125.

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