Philly Fashion Week: Day 1

One of The Sponsors was Banana Republic

On Thursday evening TheCuffLink attended its first Philly Fashion Week event. The event was a black tie reception held at a venue not far from northern liberties. The event served as the kick-off to a weekend filled with fashion. From the moment we entered the venue you could feel the positive energy of all of the people who play some important role related to fashion in The City of Brotherly Love.

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The first people we seemed to navigate towards were other fashion bloggers. It was a great feeling to meet other people who have a passion for fashion. It was also pretty nice to know some were as new to the field of fashion blogging as we were. It was the perfect place to network and meet those movers and shakers in the Philadelphia Fashion Industry.

Two important people we met were Kerry Scott and Kevin Parker who are the founders and event producers of Philly Fashion Week.  We were impressed with these two and their clear dedication to growing the fashion industry in Philadelphia. It’s pretty cool and inspiring to see two guys who are around the same age as us, making sure Philadelphia is known in the Fashion Industry.

Kerry was great with making sure we meet some of the important players in the Philadelphia fashion scene.  One of those people were Angela Edmunds who is the owner of Showroom 77 which offers an array of fashion related services.  She was very kind, offering us ideas, and letting us know about some local designers we should check out.  Another wonderful person we meet was Taja Henson of “whoisurbanbuttafly”, which is fashion blog presented from her perspective. Complete with the latest news in fashion, advice, and styling tips.  Please keep checking back with our blog to see our coverage of some of the men’s designers we think you will enjoy from Philly Fashion Week.


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