Green Eggs & Ham?

Green Eggs Cafe: 1306 Dickinson Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 226-3447

I can guarantee you’re not about to read a review of a Dr. Seuss novel. I’m going to let  you in on one of Philadelphia’s best-kept secrets. Besides, stylishly dressed men need fashionable places to eat too. Picture a place where you can eat brunch all the time, enjoy a weekend afternoon catching up with friends, and enjoying some well-known meals with a custom twist. I suggest you try Green Eggs Café! You will thank me for the suggestion. The instant you walk in you notice how popular the restaurant is by the number of people waiting to be seated.

Brian in a black H&M leather Jacket: Scarf from Target

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There is a stylish waiting area complete with leather sofas. Once we put our names on the list for a table the wait was not as long as I thought it would be. I’m pretty sure the hostess said 10 to 15 minutes but somewhere deep inside my soul I just didn’t believe her. Once we moved back to wait for a table I immediately noticed how fast the hostess was getting the other patrons seated. Exactly 10 minutes in, we had a table waiting for us.

From the moment you are seated you notice the appropriately spaced tables and the trendy crowd of families, couples, and friends sitting at the surrounding tables. You also notice the lovely works of art decorating the walls. I assume these items are created by local artists. The next item you notice is the menu which has a nice amount of items that will suit your taste buds. It’s broken down into a few categories – my favorite three being Breakfast, Sweet, and Savory. My friend Jen had one of the French toast options, and the Eggs Benedict, which came with a side of rosemary potatoes. Her sister, Christina, ordered the red velvet pancakes.  And as for me, I settled on one of their specials, the Monte Cristo Panini which was the perfect combination of salty and sweet. I would recommend this place for any day of the week.

The Monte Cristo Panini

The coolest part about Green Eggs Café is their commitment to the environment. They have a commitment to serving high quality food at low costs. This is a very nice touch in these difficult economic times.

The Red Velvet Pancakes

The other cool thing about Green Eggs Café is that they buy their food locally. Meaning every time you eat there your dollars are going right back into your local community. I could go on all day about how wonderful this restaurant is. Take my advice and please visit Green Eggs Café and experience this wonderful place for you and your fashionable friends.

For more information please visit:  Twitter: @GreenEggsCafe

Check Out Jennifer Chapple’s Blog, please visit: Twitter: @JLChapple

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