Philly Fashion Week: LAS SwimWear

One of the lines that stood out to TheCuffLink during the ready-to-wear show Saturday evening was “LAS Swimwear” by designer Larry Allen. His collection featured items for men and women. You could see that his goal was to craft attention-grabbing, fashion-forward swimsuits. His collection consisted of swimsuits for the modest and the not so modest. One men’s swimsuit that was an audience favorite, and received considerable attention was a little red men’s bikini, but please don’t be too alarmed! LAS Swimwear also has items for those guys who aren’t as comfortable in a bikini brief.  The collection shown Saturday evening had what appeared to be a zebra print board short. As the models made their way down the runway, you noticed the attention to detail and the selection of materials to create these sexy swimsuits.   I would recommend this line to any guy who is not afraid to stand out and show off his best assets (pun intended).

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these swimsuits you will have to make an appointment by calling LAS Swimwear at 215-817-4499 or Email:

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