An Entrée of Style

Since TheCuffLink was founded back in July of 2011, we have had the opportunity to attend a lot of stylish networking events.  One of those events is co-hosted monthly by Common Ground Management (CGM) & ConcreteCakes together they plan events designed to put the focus on upcoming entrepreneurs. Their events are designed to create a positive environment for like-minded individuals to meet, cultivate ideas, and support one another.

Their latest series of events is titled Entrée, which features local films, musicians, food, and vendors. TheCuffLink had the opportunity to meet a local designer, Nehemiah Davis, better known to TheCuffLink readers by his clothing line’s name, Neo Daviso.Jarrod King, editor of TheCuffLink had the opportunity to interview Mr. Davis:

TCL Your clothes all seem to tout a positive message. What was your inspiration for these phrases? ND Just moving forward and making positive moves for your future. So, everything that embodies that as far as traveling and enjoying life as much as you can… that’s basically where we get that from.

TCL We know your actual name is Nehemiah Davis, but where did the name Neo Daviso come from?

ND My friend created it 5 years ago. She said, “Let’s create something out of your name that still sounds cool and expensive,” so we came up with Neo Daviso.

TCL You know we follow you on Twitter and at one point you tweeted that you were fired from your job 6 years ago and that it was something that propelled you forward. What was the job and how did that experience move you ahead?

ND It was at a private airport and I’ve been on Donald Trump’s plane, President Obama’s… Everybody that comes in with a private plane, that’s where they come. After seeing this, I thought, “Wow, they’re living like this? That means average people can too.” So, I figure I can live like this one day. That’s what my mind is set on, and I’m not going to stop until I get there.

TCL We also saw that you tweeted you had acquired passports as well. Are there any travel plans in the future?

ND We’re thinking about going to Paris, France next month and a few more countries throughout this year. We’re just going to keep on promoting the brand and going to different countries.

We also had the opportunity to bump into Kings Rule Together designer Curran J. Swint

The latest installment of Entrée also featured musician David Live, who was looking sophisticated in all black.

CGM is hosting Entrée on the 4th Sunday of each month, with the last event scheduled for August 26th 2012. Tickets are $10 and Common Ground Management donates a portion of the proceeds to a local charity.



Common Ground Management:

Stop The Madness Foundation:

David Live:

Neo Daviso:

Curran J Swint:

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