Back In The Square

Red Blazer & White Pocket Square

The month of April was a busy one for TheCuffLink. We have been busy attending networking events and getting our name out to our fellow Philadelphians. This past Sunday we decided to spend the afternoon in Rittenhouse square for couple hours of style watching.

Fuchsia Pants

Blue Shirt & Jean, with Brown Loafers

Cuffed Pants, Light Grey & White Tennis Shoes

During the style watch, we were able to witness a variety of different styles. From older gentlemen dressed in their Sunday best, to young men styled for a causal stroll through the square. In our opinion there were a few whose style made a statement. The thing about Philadelphia style is that it isn’t intentional – it’s effortless.

Light Blue Denim Jacket & Red Tennis Shoes

Navy Pinstripe Double Breasted Suit

If you are ever able to visit Philadelphia and you’re looking for a spot to style watch we encourage you to check out Rittenhouse square. If you are from the city of brotherly love and have suggestions of places for us to style watch let us know.

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About Brian Jason Turner

Brian Jason Turner - Writer / Co-Founder "TheCuffLink" Brian always cared about his physical appearance. He learned early that you can’t remove the parts of your body you hate, but you can change your clothing. He’s always been creative and a lover of all things beautiful; whether it is an art class, photography, or writing. Working on TheCuffLink gives him a forum to do what he loves – and that is fashion journalism. His hope is that TheCuffLink becomes one of those written sources people seek when they want to be in the know about men’s fashion. Follow Brian on Twitter @BrianJTurner.

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