The Most Stylish Square

Spring is in full bloom in the city of brotherly love. This past Sunday TheCuffLink attended the Neo Daviso spring/summer 2012 launch. The event’s location was none other than Philadelphia’s historic Rittenhouse Square. We decided to get into the city to scope out the scene. We quickly noticed that Rittenhouse Square was a juxtaposition personified. From the center of the square, the view was simple: two men playing classical music on their violins in one space, and a jazz trio playing in another. In a far corner there was a couple of street dancers performing for a crowd.  This diverse collection of people and culture represented in one space made the square all the more exciting.

Last summer GQ ranked Philadelphia as the 6th worst dressed city in the country. Yes, that’s right, the 6th worst dressed city! How rude!

Well, like many things in this world, GQ is entitled to its opinion even if it’s dead wrong. The stylishly dressed gentlemen from all walks of life who occupied Rittenhouse Square clearly proved GQ’s ranking to be incorrect, and made a strong case for Philadelphia to be removed from such a list.Please like us on Facebook by visiting:

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