“Is That Shade?”

It’s the first days of spring, and it’s time for TheCuffLink to give you its recommendations and style picks for spring 2012. During these first few weeks of the season we will highlight accessories and clothing that you can add to your collection.

Sunglasses are a great accessory because they can be worn all year long and with any outfit. You have many options in terms of style with sunglasses.  Whether you’re in the market for a pair of Gucci sunglasses; which can run you a couple of hundred dollars, or if you’re looking for an inexpensive pair you have sunglasses for $5.95. Your options are limitless.

Here are some favorites from TheCuffLink:

Banana Republic offers a great line of sunglasses which will add a hint of sophistication to your daily look:

  1. Chance sunglasses, which come in black & brown and retail for $88.00

    Chance sunglasses - Banana Republic- Retail $88.00

  2. Corbin sunglasses are a square shape and have different versions made from other materials. They retail for $78.00

    Corbin sunglasses - Banana Republic - Retail $98.00

    Corbin sunglasses - Banana Republic - Retail $98.00

  3. They also offer their version of the classic aviator. It’s called the Murphy Aviator which retails for $98.00

    Murphy aviator sunglasses - Banana Republic- Retail $98.00

H&M offers a small selection of sunglasses that will add a fun pop of style to your day. These glasses are a must-have. These Traditional sun lasses are reminiscent of the ones Tom Cruise wore in the classic 80’s movie “ALL The Right Moves”

Traditional Shades- H&M - Retail $5.95


H&M Sunglasses- Retail $9.95

$19.95. Their latest guest designer is Marni and they have designed The Marni sunglasses which retail for $19.95.

The Marni Sunglasses - H&M - Retail $19.95

ALDO also offers a great line of chic accessories. ALDO is great at offering higher-end looks for low and affordable prices.  When it comes to sunglasses they offer a huge variety of options to fit many personalities. ALDO keeps the same consistent price of $12.00 for all of their sunglasses.

Some ALDO sunglasses that stand out are:

  1. Filkey, which come in blue & red, are great options for guys who like to stand out.

    Filkey-Red- ALDO- Retail $12.00

  2. Brabson is a traditional shade, with a colorful print on the frame.

    Brabson-ALDO-Retail $12.00

  3. Hazelbuth is their version of the classic aviator.

    Hazelbush-ALDO-Retail $12.00

ALDO items are must-have items simply because they only last a season before they are replaced with the newest design. It is very difficult to find these items after they sell out. Once they are gone, they are gone for good.

Please feel free to comment about any of your favorite stores to grab a great pair of sunglasses

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