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It’s December and that means it time to exchange some fashion advice. When shopping for yourself it’s important to focus on brands that fit your budget and your lifestyle. One brand that is always consistent with style and who carries items at reasonable costs is “Express”. This store sells items for both men and women, and carries every item a fashionisto would need to complete his wardrobe. They have T-shirts, sweaters, Jeans, jackets, and underwear. This store is a one stop shop for a fashion conscious professional gentleman. I know this is starting to sound like an advertisement for express so let’s get on to the point of this article, which is the “Express” 1MX modern fit dress shirt. This is the best dress shirt around. It retails for $60 it wears very well, and maintaining the shirt is very simple. Simply wash it in cold water and hang dry it, then a hot iron. This shirt is simply great because it comes in every color combination possible. There is a shirt for every situation and every environment you may find yourself in.

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Brian Jason Turner - Writer / Co-Founder "TheCuffLink" Brian always cared about his physical appearance. He learned early that you can’t remove the parts of your body you hate, but you can change your clothing. He’s always been creative and a lover of all things beautiful; whether it is an art class, photography, or writing. Working on TheCuffLink gives him a forum to do what he loves – and that is fashion journalism. His hope is that TheCuffLink becomes one of those written sources people seek when they want to be in the know about men’s fashion. Follow Brian on Twitter @BrianJTurner.

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