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Vaccarino By: ALDO Shoes

Shoes or boots are the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble you may style for yourself. The perfect shoe or boot simply adds to the elegance of a tux, and makes those purposely tattered jeans one of the chicest pieces in your wardrobe. 

Some people have rules about what types of footwear to wear in each particular season. For me flip flops belong in the summer, and most boots belong in the winter. If it’s a dress boot or a loafer I say it’s in all year long except for those extremely warm days when leather should not be worn.  The beautiful thing about men’s shoes today is that we have more options in terms of style than we have ever had before, with a number of different stores and designers bringing something different to the table.

Toomey By: ALDO shoes

There are a number of high end designers who make beautiful shoes, but today we are going to focus on what’s stylish and affordable for the everyday American man.

My all time favorite place to get my shoes is ALDO. Those who know me, know that this store is like a drug to me, and I am addicted to the stylish loafers and boots. My dream shoe closet would consist of every piece of men’s footwear ALDO designs.

Gasparino By: ALDO shoes

Kenneth Cole also designs some very stylish and functional shoes and dress boots. Kenneth Cole’s shoes range in price but you can find a lot of great styles under $100.

Calvin Klein’s least expensive shoes also stay under the $100 mark. These are great shoes that will last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Sometimes people ask me why I have multiple pairs of shoes in the same color (black), and there’s a simple reason for that. We all wear shoes every day and like tires on a vehicle they need to be rotated. Shoes are experiencing different types of wear and tear, and if you want to keep your investment looking as nice as possible, I recommend having at least two pairs of a similar color shoe. The only difference should be the style.

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Please check out these cufflinks below for more information on the brands discussed in the article.

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