Missoni For Target

A couple of weeks ago one of the most anticipated events of the shopping season occurred. Target, the stylish discount retailer, finally released the much-anticipated Missoni collection for Target.

The Italian fashion house and target spent the last year developing the collection.  From the public’s reaction on the day of its release this collection became an instant success, selling out of many stores with in minutes.  Target’s website was even down for a few hours that day due to unanticipated heavy traffic.  But there is good news and bad news for those of you who wanted to grab and item for your wardrobe.  Target is sold out of most of the items and you will have to do a search of local stores to find that item you wanted. If you can’t find that special piece you had your eye on, you may want to check eBay where a number of Missoni by Target items have been placed for sale at inflated prices.

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The only negative in the collection is the lack of options for men, and the fact that Target sold out of Missoni collection so quickly. Two cardigans, hats, socks, and ties are the only options men have with this collection. The good news is that every item designed for men in this collection are affordable pieces every fashionisto should have in his private collection. I’m still hoping to find a cardigan of either color for myself. Target’s partnerships with famous fashion houses puts designers known for their quality products in the hands of price-conscious shoppers. This type of relationship is what separates Target from it nearest competitors.

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